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Blue white gemstone can be of different shades, which may suit one young lady and the other vice versa. Important to follow the following tips. To begin, girls with light skin should choose natural stones of blue white gemstone or mother-of-pearl color. This option will complement any image with brightness and originality. Girls with dark skin will suit blue gemstone with white lines tones, this will give the image of tenderness and romance. Choosing the length of the beads. Pay close attention to the length of the blue gemstone with white lines beads. The most common blue and white gem is forty, fifty centimeters. Also, beads should be worn on the body, not on clothes. The image of correctness and elegance. The length of 50 cm and 70 cm will perfectly harmonize with the image for daily wear or for a celebration. For publication in the evening, a blue and white gem necklace with a length of 70 cm to 90 cm is suitable. This length is perfect for evening dresses. Blue white gem is the very first and oldest material from which mankind began to make jewelry. People have preferred it, blue and white gemstone are elegant and remain in fashion. Nature has made a person has a rich choice for making jewelry. Both in color and shape, many types of stones on earth. Blue white gemstone. It is believed that if a woman puts a string of white stones neck, the natural force contained in the stone, accumulated there for years, will gradually drive out of the soul all the negativity that is there.