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Genuine amethyst beads — an interesting and beautiful stone. The mystical color, a wide range of tones, variety of sizes and shapes, and relative availability have made this mineral very popular. And the magical and healing power of the stone has been appreciated since ancient times.
A little history
genuine amethyst beads were already well-known in the cultures of Summer, Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece; mention of it is present in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In the Middle Ages, genuine amethyst beads were especially loved by clergy and monarchs. The stone was actively used for the decoration of insignia (crowns, scepters, rings), festive clothes, and religious attributes (icons, crosses, holy scriptures).
The name of the mineral comes from the ancient Greek "amethystos", where” a “means” not”, and” methustos “ — “drunk”,” to be drunk”, that is, ”not drunk”. According to the myths, genuine amethyst beads gave the titanium Ray to the god of wine Dionysus, so that his mind would remain sane during libations. Therefore, the Greeks and Romans believed that the stone is able to protect against the effects of alcohol.