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Medieval Europeans revered jasper beads wholesale as a symbol of courage, and at the same time - modesty. Jasper beads wholesale talismans were worn to strengthen the spirit and become wiser. It was believed that the amulets from jasper beads wholesale helped their owners to win on the battlefield, as well as to get the better of their opponents in public speaking.
They decorated jasper beads wholesale and temples. Surprisingly beautiful look stone floors, which can be seen today in the ancient temples of Asia. In Asia, jasper beads wholesale has also taken its place of honor and has been revered for several centuries. It is believed that the stone floors protect the temple and any room from detractors. In ancient Chinese temples, for example, there are many different vessels from jasper beads wholesale -bowls, vases, etc. The ancient Chinese used green jasper beads wholesale to concentrate attention and open the invisible to the human eye.