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The ancient Greeks hung mokaite jasper beads around the neck of young mothers and babies to protect them from the evil eye, corruption and dark forces. Women in labor were given an amulet made of mookaite jasper beads for a speedy and safe delivery. The ancient Romans wore around their necks amulets made of mookaite jasper beads with names carved on them – so they got rid of a variety of ailments. For the seriously ill, special gems were cut out, which have survived to this day, which indicates the most widespread use of stone in antiquity. mookaite jasper beads were everywhere – jewelry, religious objects, and interior decor were made from it. In ancient temples, luxurious mosaic floors have been preserved!
The ancient Egyptians carved mookaite jasper beads seals, amulets and gems of stunning beauty. In the East, mookaite jasper beads was also highly valued and revered as a stone symbolizing beauty and wealth.