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Amethyst beads wholesale provides the owner with protection from the aggression of others, unkind thoughts, but in unpleasant situations it is able to absorb the negative. Therefore, at such a time at home or at work, jewelry with
amethyst beads wholesale should be hidden, and then held for a few minutes under a stream of water.
Amethyst beads wholesale magic helps the hostess to stay young and attractive for a long time.
It banishes anxiety, torment, heavy thoughts; resets aggressiveness, short temper. Instead of them, calmness, reasonableness, and nobility come.
The gift of amethyst beads wholesale inevitably causes reciprocal feelings towards the giver, so caution is required. A gem-a heart, presented by one of the spouses to the other, means love and mutual understanding. But if it is an offering of an outsider to one of the spouses, the stone carries discord for the family, up to divorce. Even the strongest marriage can collapse, but it will not bring happiness to the destroyer.
Amethyst beads wholesale uses magical properties to help you discover your talents and unlock your personal potential. Purple, according to the esotericists, is the color of the “third eye”. This color of the stone has the property of giving extrasensory perception, comprehension of the higher spheres. The best choice for meditation.