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Recommended amulet healing gemstone beads emerald, tourmaline. All colors they are able to bring a special harmony in the relationship with a loved one, understanding and loyalty. If you are still free and not married. This healing gemstone-a talisman for women-will help make your life more beautiful and happier. Healing gemstone beads talisman women, there is no equal. Strong and powerful talisman for married women, for unmarried girls, its power does not apply. These chakra gemstone beads helps to keep the family together, make your marriage stronger. Recommended who already have children or you are waiting a child. In Europe, tradition-to give jewelry within the family for the birth of a baby. This decoration will become her lucky charm and will protect and protect her from the evil eye and accidents. Strong talisman for women is pearls. Chakra gemstone beads should be white or golden-yellow, can be of different shapes and sizes. For the manifestation of its magical power, a few pearls in jewelry. It is believed that Chakra gemstone makes its owner more feminine, gentle, attractive in the eyes of men, helps to find the love of a lifetime, drives away failures. Garnet stone is a symbol of true feelings of affection, so as a wish for a happy marriage, you can safely give it to girls in jewelry.