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In our catalog you can find a large assortment of beads made of river and sea shells and natural mother of pearl. This is an excellent material for making original author's jewelry and decor of clothes, shoes and accessories in a nautical style.

Shell Beads

More than 80 types of charming sea and river shell beads. Many of them have irregular shapes, because they are made of polished natural sea and river shells covered with mother-of-pearl. They have different sizes. Among the geometric shapes you can choose: round, oval, rectangular flat beads made of mother-of-pearl, as well as beads in the form of leaves, eyes, hearts, Hamsa hands and other shapes.

Separately, you can choose a pearl crumb of natural color or artificially colored. Several commodity items are beads in the form of shells. These are either natural unpainted seashells with a hole for stringing, or painted shells with electroplated coating (different shades of orange, pink, purple, green, blue and other colors, as well as rainbow colors with a mother-of-pearl tint), or shells with prints.

Application in needlework
From natural shell beads and mother of pearl, you can create all kinds of accessories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces and necklaces, decor for shoes, belts, bags and clothes. Especially such products will complement suits for sea holidays and just summer romantic and casual outfits.

As for mother of pearl, the masters recommend combining it with gold and silver fittings, which gives the finished products a special elegance and chic. At the same time, many beads are not required to create an elegant pearl jewelry. Often, one pearl bead of an exotic shape, suspended on a chain, looks much more elegant than a chic massive pearl necklace.

Where and how to buy

The online store "" offers to buy beads made of natural mother-of-pearl and shell beads at the best prices, both wholesale and retail. We guarantee the high quality of our products. By filling out a simple order form on our website, you can buy from us both pearl beads and any other products you like. We ship orders to all countries of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore