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Sodalite beads are a fairly rare semi-precious stone, which is also called hakmanite or alomite. Mineral deposits are located in Italy, Germany, Portugal, the Celtic Peninsula. The color of the sodalite beads can be different: blue, yellow, black, red, and even green. But the most widespread minerals are blue.
This stone is actively used for medical purposes. Due to its photochromic properties, sodalite jewelry is recommended to be worn by people affected by radiation: the sodalite beads normalize blood pressure, improve heart function, normalize the thyroid gland, and reduce the manifestations of radiation exposure.
Astrologers believe that the sodalite beads patronize scientists, businessmen, and teachers. It is not necessary to wear a mineral in jewelry, it is enough to buy raw sodalite beads and always carry them with you. Sodalite beads is an of courage, it promotes the development of mind and judgment, helps to focus on the goal. Even storing a sodalite beads pebble at home helps prevent impending danger.