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Unearth a celestial gem at - presenting our Lapis Lazuli beads collection. As treasured as the azure heavens, these beads echo nature's splendor in hues ranging from deep sapphire to serene sky blue.

Lapis Lazuli: A Gem of the Sky

Unveil the enchanting beauty of Lapis Lazuli beads, a semi-precious gemstone kissed by the color of the sky. With an array of rich blue shades, each bead bears a unique personality, drawing comparisons to the celestial dome at different times of day - dawn's awakening, a star-speckled night, or the bright zenith of noon.

Quality and Varieties

Our collection spans a variety of ornamental stones, each with unique mineral inclusions of feldspar, pyrite, and calcium. Discover the coveted Afghan Lapis Lazuli in three variations: Niili with its rich, royal blue and gold veins, Astani likened to the summer sky, and Sufsi with its sea wave tints. The allure and price of our Lapis Lazuli beads are uniquely influenced by these inclusions.

Healing and Magical Properties

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these Lapis Lazuli beads offer reputed healing and mystical benefits. From enhancing eyesight to calming neurosis, from aiding in asthma to boosting women's hair health, each Lapis Lazuli bead is an intimate companion on your journey towards wellness. Expectant mothers also find solace in the stone's protective qualities, making it a favored choice during pregnancy.

Celestial Talismans for All

Lapis Lazuli's mystical allure transcends into the realm of the magical. Renowned for warding off the evil eye and instilling calm, these beads are cherished talismans. Indulge your creative spirit, seek wisdom, or beckon love and fortune with jewelry crafted from our natural Lapis Lazuli beads.

Purchase and Pricing

At, we house a varied assortment of Lapis Lazuli beads suitable for your distinct style. Peruse our catalog and secure your favorite pieces. We offer worldwide shipping, bringing celestial beauty to your doorstep. Buy Lapis Lazuli beads today, and carry a piece of the sky with you always.