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The online store "RainbowGemBeads" offers to purchase high-quality accessories for jewelry - pendants necessary for the manufacture of original author's jewelry. Such elements emphasize the individuality and style of their owner as expressively as possible.

On this page of our catalog there are more than 900 commodity items of various accessories for costume jewelry: metal pendants, acrylic, wooden, glass, pendants with enamel, stainless steel, shells and mother-of-pearl, pendants medallions, with natural stones, with rhinestones.

All pendants are of excellent quality. Pendants made of metals and alloys are covered with a colorful layer imitating precious or noble metals and alloys, for example, stainless steel, antique silver, copper, various types of gold, bronze and so on.

Wooden pendants can be unpainted or have a colorful coating. The forms of wooden fittings are diverse: heart pendants of various types, keys, anchors, boats, musical instruments.

In our assortment you can find popular forms of accessories for jewelry: pendants - flowers, leaves, drops, shells. Such forms are common among pendants made of all materials present in the catalog (both acrylic, metal, and glass).

The shapes and sizes of enameled pendants are diverse: figures of animals and birds, bows, flowers, various objects (umbrellas, shoes and shoes), shells and starfish, letters of the alphabet. As with all types of pendants, among this type there are models dedicated to Christmas and New Year themes.

Also a very popular form for this hardware is a crown pendant. Pendants in the form of medallions look exquisite. Among the models decorated with rhinestones, letters of the alphabet and crosses predominate.

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Pendants for needlework are a type of accessories beloved by many needlewomen, used for the manufacture of costume jewelry: they are attached directly to the base of the decoration or to other decorative elements. Pendants for bracelets in needlework are used to give the decoration individuality and recognition.

Also, this hardware is often used when decorating author's albums, postcards and various household and interior items (gadget cases, cases, etc.).