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Rhyolite beads (Madagascar jasper).

Title: Unique Rhyolite Beads Collection from Marovato, Madagascar

Immerse yourself in the distinctive beauty of our Rhyolite beads, sometimes referred to as Madagascar jasper, an extraordinary gemstone derived from the rugged northwestern coast of Madagascar.

Source and Extraction:
Born from a silified rhyolite stream, our Rhyolite beads carry a unique aura influenced by their exotic geographical origin. The exclusive Marovato mine, located at the ocean's edge, can only be accessed during low tide, making these beads a testament to the intricate dance between Earth's elements.

Processing and Transportation:
With no conventional roads leading to this remote part of the island, each piece of rhyolite is carefully extracted, prepared, and then exported via boat, preserving its raw, natural allure. Our collection also includes an exclusive range of Madagascar agates and jaspers, offering an enticing palette of natural, radiant colors.

Discover the Collection:
Explore our curated Rhyolite beads collection and bring a piece of Madagascar's unique geological story into your life. Each bead encapsulates the region's rich mineral heritage, providing a distinctive touch to your handmade jewelry.

Seize the opportunity to adorn yourself with these limited availability Rhyolite beads - a true testament to Mother Nature's profound beauty.