Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Stones

Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Stones

Should I choose natural or synthetic stones?

Natural stones possess natural energy and can serve as strong amulets. On the other hand, synthetic stones are more affordable, maintain their decorative properties for a longer duration, and have an ideal appearance. This is particularly important for stones like turquoise, which can change color and fade over time. Synthetic stones also do not undergo chemical reactions when in contact with human skin or aggressive synthetic substances.

How can I choose natural stones based on my zodiac sign?

You can explore the properties of stones that align with your zodiac sign on our blog or consult with our experts. Determine the desired impact you expect from the stone or the specific problem you want to address with its help. Visit our store and select beads made from the appropriate stone and in the right shape for your amulet.

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How can I learn about the magical and healing properties of natural stones?

The main properties of natural stones are described by astrominerologists and lithotherapists. Our blog features articles with detailed and comprehensive information on this subject. Additionally, you can ask our consultants questions through the chat function.

How should I store natural stones properly?

Many stones have specific storage requirements based on their properties, such as softness, brittleness, or susceptibility to oxidation. However, there are also general recommendations to follow. It is crucial to store stones and jewelry separately in individual packages, boxes, or containers to prevent scratching. Avoid exposing the stones to sunlight, ultraviolet light, and extreme temperatures, whether too low or high.

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What factors should I consider when choosing natural stones?

When selecting a stone for decoration, it is important to determine whether it corresponds to the zodiac sign of its intended owner. Study the properties of the chosen stone and decide whether you (or the future owner) need the specific impact that this mineral can provide. To achieve the desired effects, avoid prioritizing low cost, as genuine natural stones cannot be priced lower than synthetic ones.


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