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If you want to create beautiful and inexpensive jewelry from bright materials, try to buy beads. It is much cheaper than precious metals, stones, and gems. The low cost of beads is explained by the fact that in recent decades it has been produced on industrial equipment and on an industrial scale.

Beads are a very ancient material for needlework, and it is still popular. It was distributed in Europe and Asia, produced and used in Syria, ancient Egypt, and Europe. Written sources and excavation data indicate that in the era of Kievan Rus, the technology of making beads reached a high technical and artistic level. In addition, it was often used to decorate clothes.

Modern beads will surprise you with a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. Beads are made of transparent and opaque glass, as well as alabaster with porcelain luster, pearl. Manufacturers produce beads of round, teardrop, oblong shape, and other configurations. This material for needlework is distinguished by a variety of juicy shades, bright shine.

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