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Bracelets are a historical national decoration of many peoples. That is why they are so impressed by modern people — genetic memory affects. In addition, they look great, are suitable for men, women and children, comfortable to wear and versatile in combinations with any style of clothing. If you are on this page, it means that you need to buy women's bracelets. Of course, you visually imagine what kind of decoration you would like, so we suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the categories of the catalog, and then go to the right one and take a close look at the choice.

Fashion bracelets

The fashion for bracelets has gone up sharply since the emergence of such a youth movement as Hippies. Everyone knows their "baubles", which, in fact, are bracelets made of beads, leather and textile materials. Since then, bracelets have become very popular among young people, business people, at social parties and so on. This accessory emphasizes the individuality of a person, his style and character traits. In the conditions of modern standardization of clothing, this is especially important. We have a separate person following the fashion trends in the field of costume jewelry, so that all the jewelry in the catalog meets modern fashion requirements.

What bracelets are in our assortment?

• Jewelry — the most expensive with the use of filigree finishing of stones and thin metal elements (scans).

• Leather — soft and stylish, with a decor of weaving, burning, embossing and embroidery.

• Metal — with elements of different shapes and widths. Very popular in the youth style of clothing "metal".

• Hand made — made by the hands of craftsmen. They have a huge range of materials, ideas and techniques of execution.

• Strings with beads are the simplest bracelet model. Stones, beads, bones, animal teeth, etc. can be strung on a thread.

• Textile — this includes bracelets made of fabric and thread.

The price of women's bracelets is very diverse!

Our specialization is inexpensive jewelry, bracelets for women vary in price depending on the material. The most expensive are silver and gold-plated. But costume jewelry is such a thing that a good craftsman can make a genuine work of art from ordinary inexpensive materials. Therefore, the price also varies depending on the value of the idea. If we consider the average women's bracelet, the price in our online store will be 5-10% lower than that of competitors. Worldwide Delivery.

Why is it profitable to buy a bracelet on your hand from us?

For the query "buy a bracelet ", the search engine will surely give you a lot of sites. Why should we be chosen among them? It is difficult to check the quality of the product on the Internet, because it is impossible to see and touch it. you have to base your choice on other criteria. The most important of them is the reputation and size of the online store. The reputation of the Fashion Cat chain of stores has been formed for more than 15 years, so we have experience and know what modern customers need. Beautiful bracelets, jewelry, earrings and pendants in a variety of styles are available to you at an extremely reasonable price. In addition, for everyone who wants to buy bracelets, the online store "Fashionable Cat" gives regular discount programs and promotions. We invite all the beauties!