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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for high-quality jewelry-making accessories. Our Crimp Beads & Covers, a vital component in the creation of unique jewelry pieces, not only enhance the final look of your creations but also serve as an additional decorative element, transforming the overall aesthetic of your product.

In our diverse catalog, we offer an array of Crimp Beads & Covers, a specialized type of jewelry fastener also known as crimps or stoppers. These accessories are designed to securely fasten beads and other elements to your jewelry, providing a stable foundation for your designs.

Our Crimp Beads & Covers come in a variety of shapes, including barrels, rondels, round beads, and cylinders, catering to a wide range of design preferences. Available in diameters ranging from 1 to 5 millimeters, these accessories are sold in packages of 5 or 20 grams. For those seeking variety, we also offer sets that include 12 different types of Crimp Beads & Covers.

The Art of Using Crimp Beads & Covers

Crimp Beads & Covers are a favorite among artisans who specialize in creating designer jewelry. These elements offer a plethora of constructive and decorative possibilities. They allow you to securely fix and conceal the attachment point and the ends of the base material on a cord, fishing line, ribbon, thin thread, or other bases, for example, near the fastener. This is the primary application of Crimp Beads & Covers, but their versatility extends beyond this.

Crimp Beads & Covers are chosen based on the material used as the base of the product - its diameter, physical characteristics (softness, smoothness of the surface, etc.). The positioning, shape, design, and material of the crimps should harmonize with other decorative elements of the product.

Crimp Beads & Covers, especially those consisting of two closing hemispheres, are used to secure nylon thread and monofilament. To fix the base inside the crimp, it is threaded through the hole, tied with several knots, pressed with special teeth, and the shutters of the Crimp Beads & Covers are closed. Experienced artisans often use pliers for these manipulations.

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