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For many centuries, semiprecious gemstones have been one of the jewelry-making inserts. The amazing colors and properties of these crystals, as well as their reasonable price, allowed them to decorate both simple, uncomplicated products and jewelry masterpieces. In addition, this type of stone is widely used in exquisite handicrafts. Semi-precious stones: how to determine? But, in fact, what stones do we consider semiprecious? There is no single answer to this question. In fact, the name used by everyone is not a definition. In various sources, we can find different conventional classifications of such stones.
First, for sale gemstones include those minerals that are quite common in nature and are so diverse that their price is significantly lower than the price of rare precious stones. Secondly, this is the name of those stones that are intensively used in the jewelry industry, as well as in the manufacture of ornamental works. In addition, the classification of this category of minerals is often based on the hardness scale known in jewelry making production. In this case, everything is simple: the harder the crystal, the higher the value of the jewel. So, to summarize. Precious gemstone beads are minerals that are very popular in jewelry making but are not classified as expensive gems. By the way, according to the law of the “On Precious Metals and real gemstone beads”, only diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, alexandrite, and natural pearls are considered rare in Russia. From this, it follows that according to the law, all other jewelry-making stones are real gemstone beads or, as they are sometimes called, ornamental.
What sale gemstone beads deserve the love of jewelers and customers? The main physical properties of these stones include high hardness and, therefore, ease of cutting. That is why they are so appreciated by jewelers. You can buy gemstone beads supplies online in our store, as well as when buy gemstone beads supplies or jewelry making you can ask a question online or leave a comment to our email address. Precious gemstones are in great demand among buyers due to the diverse color palette (from crystal white to deep purple) and transparency. At the same time, the attractive appearance is favorably combined with accessibility, which provides them with special popularity. Until now, many jewelry houses prefer precious gemstone beads when creating their collections. Buy semi-precious stones on our website online is easy, simple, fast.

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