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In our online store you can buy acrylic beads wholesale and retail. The main feature of acrylic beads is that they are lightweight and hypoallergenic, so they can be used to create jewelry for both young fashionistas and their mothers. Also, the advantages can be written a wide color range, which includes 28 colors and different diameter of beads (from 4 to 22 millimeters). We have acrylic pearls, half, and of unusual shape. The range of products is constantly expanding, so that even the most demanding buyers will find suitable acrylic beads. Delivery is carried out to Europe, USA, Australia

Plastic and Acrylic beads in

Store offers a wide range of different materials for needlework, among which acrylic, plastic, and beads are in particular demand. Popularity is explained by the low cost and variety of shapes and colors. Therefore, you can profitably buy a variety of plastic beads from us. Moreover, we have wholesale discounts, promotions, and sales.

Plastic and acrylic beads imitate natural stone but do not have much weight. This is a synthetic material that is more familiar to contemporaries, like plexiglass. Therefore, such acrylic beads are relatively cheap. Durable and reliable, lightweight and bright acrylic does not present difficulties when working and using. In addition, plastic beads have characteristic advantages:

ecological purity of the material;
variety in colors and shapes;
attractive appearance;
strength and durability;
a small price.
Types of plastic beads
Balls, peas, drops, cubes, cones, flowers, butterflies, letters, and other forms of this interesting material are presented on the website. The store administration pays attention to the assortment of acrylic beads, pendants, or bases for jewelry. Each individual copy provides an opportunity for a needlewoman to create a beautiful exclusive decoration or craft. The company offers a wide variety of shapes, and colors for the implementation of the most daring solutions:

- balloons;
- in the form of rice;
- cones;
- with spraying;
- flowers, Lucite or butterflies;
- cube;
- letters and numbers;
- with decor stasis and other plastic beads.

This makes it possible for the needlewoman to create not only beautiful acrylic beads and other decorations, but also crafts, educational toys for children, curtains, and interior decor.

On the website, there is an opportunity to buy acrylic beads wholesale.

Application of Acrylic beads

The use of acrylic beads involves a large scope of applications. They are used not only to create beautiful jewelry and decorative items. They are cheap and affordable, and a rich assortment expands the possibilities of using plastic beads for the development of children's creativity. So kids join the mystery of needlework, train fine motor skills, develop thinking, acquire counting skills, and learn to recognize colors and shapes. Acrylic beads are used for interior decoration, creating curtains, and much more.