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Some girls believe that a ring is not just an ornament. And the source of a powerful energy force. You may agree, or you may not – but you definitely have to admit that the ring can be an incredibly bright message of your image or the image as a whole.

The main female models of rings

Do you want to understand jewelry a little more? Learn about the basic concepts in rings.

The rim. This is an understandable wedding ring. The rim is also called any other rings with a smooth, curved inner part. The main feature is soft lines with a comfortable profile. Externally, the decoration can be not only flat, but also inlaid with stones.
The ring. Certainly a large model of the ring. Also an integral element is a massive insert.
Trinity. You can guess by the name – three rings woven together. A rather unusual shape, which is considered a classic.
Carved. The model is decorated with carved patterns. Cutouts can be decorated in floral motif, religious, laconic, contain words of love or an important date.
Cocktail. The main feature is the impressive size of the ring and the bright radiance of the stones. In general, it is a luxurious, self–sufficient accessory that perfectly complements a cocktail or evening outfit - a dress or a suit.

What should I combine rings with?

Fashion and modern style dictate certain attitudes to us. Every girl knows intuitively what is right for her. Listen to yourself – important to keep your individuality.

Only the selection of a combination of several rings at the same time can stump you. Here we suggest not to surf the Internet on sites in search, but to give preference to a set that is selected for you by experts. It will be inexpensive, since the online store "Fashionable Cat" cooperates with manufacturers without intermediaries.

When choosing a ring, consider the shape of your hands and fingers
If the fingers are quite short and plump, use medium–sized accessories. You can get very confused and find a ring, the insertion of which resembles a tear – then you will achieve a visually lengthening effect. Take into account that the stones should be located along the finger, that is, vertically.
If the fingers are thin and elongated, minimalistic rings of large size and without decor will be able to get rid of the feeling of excessive thinness.
If your hands are large, your ideal ring is different in width and an oval-shaped insert in the center. Try it on – you'll like it.
If the fingers are long – and you want to make them visually slightly shorter. Then put a ring with a horizontal trim on your finger. Tip from a Fashionable Cat: experiment with rings on the phalanges of the fingers. On long fingers, such models look especially charming.
The composition of costume jewelry
The rings are made of special, costume jewelry alloys, copper and artificial materials. In the 21st century, they are produced so skillfully are not inferior to jewelry at all. They have a significant advantage – a lower price.

As for the copper alloy, it is coated by electroplating. As a result: a gold or silver ring is obtained – visually identical to the original one.

A ring from the category of jewelry is a wonderful choice
Inlaid with: high-quality cubic zirconia or Swarovski stones.
Do not provoke manifestations of allergic reactions. This fact is valuabl who are allergic to gold or silver.
Do not darken, do not erase and do not leave dark marks on the skin.
Sold individually or in stylish sets. By purchasing a set, you get an even more pleasant cost.