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Superior Quality Collections Jump Ring for Jewelry Making

Discover the world of artisanal jewelry making with our premier collections jump ring. This indispensable accessory forms the core of any jewelry design, including pendants, bracelets, and chains. Source your jump rings at Dombusin, the trusted online hub for quality jewelry-making supplies.

Diverse Selections to Spark Your Creativity

Our extensive selection of diameters and colors caters to every design vision. Choose from our sturdy metal jump rings ranging in diameter from 4 to 10mm. With our varied color options including bronze, gold, copper, platinum, rose gold, silver, black, and even a mix, your creative possibilities are limitless.

A Multiplicity of Choices for Your Unique Needs

Select from our single or double loop jump rings. Packages come in 10 pieces or more, depending on weight and size. We offer options calculated by weight, with sets of 10 or 50 grams, providing you with greater flexibility. From colored connecting rings to connectors, locks, cords, wires, beads, and other fine details, we've got you covered in creating beautiful, unique jewelry pieces.

Save More with Dombusin's Attractive Discounts

Get more value for your money when buying connecting rings at RainbowGemBeads. We offer a cumulative discount system for retail customers, with the potential to earn 3 to 15% off, the more you shop. For bulk buyers, our bonus program can save you from 1 to 9% of the total order value when making a prepayment. For details on how to stretch your dollar while fueling your passion for handmade jewelry, visit our online store today.