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Amethyst: Unearth the Gemstone's Mystique and Allure

Amethyst: A Gemstone with Vibrant Beauty and Ample Benefits

Belonging to the vibrant "family" of quartz, amethyst is a natural stone loved for its spectrum of colors, which range from delicate pale lilac to a rich dark purple. This semi-precious stone holds a significant value and is widely used in the creation of alluring pieces of jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, and rings. You might have even come across artistic figurines or intricate embroidery enhanced with amethyst beads. Such is the beauty and versatility of this stone. At our online store, RainbowGemBeads, you can buy amethyst beads of the highest quality.

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Notably, the price of amethyst is independent of the stone's weight, a factor that distinguishes it from many other gemstones. Instead, the evaluation criteria focus on the intensity of color and degree of transparency. The deeper the shade and clearer the structure, the more valuable the amethyst. Among the most coveted types of amethyst is the "Siberian" class. Known for their rich, dark hues, these can fetch several thousand dollars, with collectors eager to acquire these beautiful natural specimens in their raw form.

When it comes to jewelry, amethyst is often paired with other gemstones like diamonds and emeralds, especially if the amethyst displays purple and purple-red patterns. The stone's price can also be influenced by its cut if crafted by hand. There are various types of amethyst cuts: diamond, fantasy, stepwise, and cabochon. The latter cut is a favorite among artisans making individual jewelry items such as brooches, pendants, earrings, and beads.

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For those interested in the mystical side of things, astrologers suggest amethyst as a suitable talisman for those born in February (Aquarius, Pisces). For Aries, the crystal is said to bring good fortune, while it can allegedly help Scorpios overcome their inherent selfishness.

Natural amethyst, in its noble and powerful essence, is more than a stunning adornment. It is also viewed as a talisman, believed to protect against various misfortunes. If you are looking for amethyst beads for crafting individual jewelry or simply to add to your collection, check out our online store, RainbowGemBeads.

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Besides amethyst, we also offer beads made of turquoise, another natural stone that exhibits a range of shades, from enchanting blues to rich dark greens. Visit our online store today and explore the fascinating world of gemstone beads!

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