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Amethyst is a highly valued, genuine natural stone from the quartz family with a range of colors, from pale lilac to dark purple. Our online store offers natural amethyst beads for sale, which vary in transparency from almost diamond-like to dense. These beads are perfect for creating individual jewelry pieces such as brooches, pendants, earrings, and beads.

Magical properties of amethyst

The magical properties of amethyst make it an ideal talisman for those born in February (Aquarius, Pisces), providing good luck for Aries, and helping Scorpios overcome selfishness. In addition to its beauty, natural amethyst beads have powerful protective properties that can safeguard against misfortunes.

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In conclusion, natural amethyst beads are a beautiful and valuable gemstone with magical properties that make them an ideal talisman for those born in February, Aries, and Scorpios. Rainbowgembeads offers a wide selection of high-quality, genuine amethyst beads for sale online. We also offer a variety of natural turquoise stone beads in various shades. Shop with us today and experience the beauty and benefits of natural gemstone beads.