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Natural Amethyst is perhaps the most beautiful and valuable real genuine natural stone from the "family" of quartz with a very wide range of colors, which vary from pale lilac to dark purple. Crystals of this mineral can have different degrees of transparency: some can be compared in purity with diamond, and the second are so "dense" that they almost do not let sunlight through. Natural Amethyst beads for sale in our online store.

The amethyst bead is often used by needlewomen to make individual jewelry (brooches, pendants, earrings, beads).

Magical properties of amethyst

According to astrologers, is the very stone that can become an ideal talisman for those born in February (Aquarius, Pisces). Aries crystal will give good luck, and Scorpios will help get rid of the inherent selfishness of this zodiac sign.

Natural amethyst beads is a noble, expensive and effective stone. Jewelry with it will not only decorate its owner, but also serve as a talisman against many misfortunes. You can buy real genuine amethyst beads for sale our store.

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