Moukaite jasper

Moukaite jasper

What a beast like this, moukaite?

Some stones hold secrets and stories that make them fascinating, and then there are stones that are equally intriguing despite being shrouded in mystery. One such stone is Moukaite Jasper, also known as Australian Agate. This delicate creamy stone with berry veins and spots resembles vanilla ice cream with lingonberry jam, or a piece of a spring garden where trees bloom and bees buzz.

Moukaite Jasper comes in one-color, pink, or burgundy, and can be combined with white, yellow, terracotta, and even green colors. Its bright color has made it popular among mineralogists and stone enthusiasts around the world. Although discovered relatively recently, production of this stone began in the second half of the twentieth century, and only a few deposits are known today, with the largest found in Australia and Madagascar.


Moukaite smooth jasper beads.

Like the magic of turning grape juice into Champagne in the French province of Champagne, Moukaite Jasper's magic lies in its transformation from microscopic radiolarian skeletons on the ocean floor into a hard and durable jasper, with impurities painting it in bright and unique colors. Its noble cherry color is due to manganese ions, and iron and chromium are responsible for the rich range of yellow, terracotta, and even green shades. Unlike other stones, Moukaite Jasper is not afraid of high humidity and mechanical damage, and is believed to stabilize human energy and bring balance and harmony to life. 


Faceted Moukaite beads
Moukaite faceted jasper beads.



Matte moukaite beads
Matte moukaite jasper beads.


Moukaite Jasper is a wonderful talisman and magic stone that helps its owner make the right decisions, even in the most difficult situations. Its impressive beauty has made it a popular choice among stone lovers and is now available in various forms, including beads, cabochons, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and talismans. So why not add a touch of Moukaite Jasper to your collection and let this unique stone become your companion and decoration for many years to come? Visit to get your hands on these exclusive stones with bespoke frames.


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