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Precious – or rather, semi-precious stone moukaite (snowflake obsidian, moukaite Jasper, Australian Jasper, ocean Jasper) it appeared on the jewelry market not so long ago but has already interested many in the form of beads, cabochons, pendants, bracelets. After all, this stone stands out with bright juicy colors, somewhat reminiscent of caramel.

Where did this amazing and colorful stone-moukaite come from?
In fact, moukaite is just a variation of the famous precious stone Jasper. Mucahit Jasper was discovered in Australia, location Flour Creek, from where the stone got its name. Although not all gemologists moukaite recognized as a separate gem, and like to think of the name of the individual trading brand.

But, be that as it may, sellers of jewelry stores willingly use the name "moukaite" when selling jewelry, beads made of this attractive stone. Mucahit also called Australian Jasper or ocean, or combine two names into one – of moukaite Jasper.

Usually, bright reds and yellows predominate in moukaite, although there are white, ivory, pink, crimson, orange, mustard, and maroon areas.

Most often, moukaite is polished into cabochons, beads (smooth, matte, faceted) and really polished moukaite is very similar to caramel candies.

Magical properties moukaite.

Moukaite has long been known to the Australian aborigines, and they call it the "stone of strength", believing that this precious stone will help strengthen the spirit and increase physical strength. It is also believed that products made of beads of moukaite enhance creativity.

Medicinal properties moukaite. The indigenous people of Australia consider the moukaite beads to be frozen blood and believe that it will help in healing wounds and accelerate healing after an illness.