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In ancient times, figures of sacrificial animals, gods, various temple utensils were carved out of alabaster: lamps, ritual bowls. In Egypt, various objects made of this stone were found in the tombs of the pharaohs. It was believed pharaoh should be buried alabaster things that would imitate those that loved by him. The alabaster replicas continued to serve the king in the afterlife.

Ancient people believed that such a fragile and soft stone was sent by the gods to people to remind vulnerable their mortal human life is. Same time, alabaster was considered a strong talisman against the wrath of the gods.
The magical properties of alabaster are beneficial to people born signs of Water and Air. The mineral is very fragile, only product it can be worn is beads. According to the signs of Fire and Earth, it will be just a beautiful trinket. It won't do them any harm, but it won't good either.
Alabaster as a talisman can protect its owner from energy negativity, from the dissatisfaction of the authorities. He will tell you the right solution to problems, protect you from wrong actions. If the talisman is lost or broken, grieve. This means that the alabaster has taken on some kind of trouble, thereby saving its owner from some major trouble.