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Choosing amulets and charms for Gemini men according to the horoscope, astrologers answer the questions: which large hole gemstone beads are suitable for men, which make them more courageous, help them solve career and money issues, take place in the profession and find the right business partners? First of all, the most favorable large hole gemstone beads for men and boys is the mineral beryl and its varieties: emerald, heliodor, noble green beryl. Heliodorus for the Twins. These big hole gemstone beads have a positive effect not only on relationships with others, peace of mind and normalization of the nervous system, but also affect the physical form, helping to become more resilient and energetic. Of course, without active activity and payloads in the gym or at home, big hole gemstone beads will not work. Citrine is a wonderful 2mm hole gemstone beads for male twins by date of birth. This is a kind of yellow quartz - it will support its owner in creative endeavors, in addition, the yellow color symbolizes the Sun, prosperity, wealth, both in monetary terms and in spiritual terms. 2mm hole gemstone beads help to get rid of selfishness, makes a person generous, not only in terms of money, but also in the sense that he has enough of everything with a surplus, and wants to share with others, joy, attention, kindness.