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Polished natural carnelian crystal beads really "face" resembles a heart. It is not so easy to buy carnelian beads of natural origin: only in India, America, and in Crimea, chalcedony of a thick red-brown color with veins is extracted, that is, real carnelian for sale in the shop. South American layered stones are often tinted with iron oxide, but the external similarity will never deceive the connoisseur: the painted agate changes the color of its surface layer, and shines through with a natural. Trying carnelian beads for sale of the highest quality, choose cabochons supplied from India: in bright light, they blaze with a living fire of solar.

Carnelian beads

For sale are small stones of the juiciest color and impeccable jewelry quality are sold for 7-8 dollars per carat. A slightly less bright discoloration leads to a decrease in the price by about 30-40%. For $ 3/carat, you can buy multi-colored carnelian crystal buy online cabochons, which are dominated by whitish tones. Crystal buy in online shop RainbowGemBeads you can choose many types of crystal, beads, and cabochons from natural carnelian crystal stone.

Like other natural gems in our shop, it is better to store carnelian beads in separate special cases.

After prolonged wear on the body, jewelry with carnelian stone must be washed in a weak solution of a gentle detergent and thoroughly rinsed under running water. Thanks to such water procedures natural carnelian beads will be cleared of fat pollution and negative energy accumulations.

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