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Properties and features of natural coral beads

Coral is a skeleton of polyps (marine animals), it is quite close in nature to the human body, which distinguishes it in a number of materials for creating jewelry and costume jewelry. This is one of the most valuable and beautiful gifts of the sea. There are a huge number of varieties of natural stone beads. Natural corals have a matte shade, and only after grinding do they begin to shine. They are easily distinguished from artificial ones by a special mesh pattern.

Red Coral is credited with many valuable properties, in particular, it is said that it attracts good luck to its owner, has a beneficial effect on the mental state and abilities in logical thinking, protects against the evil eye, prolongs life, and imposes a healing effect on various systems and organs of the human body. White coral beads are especially valued in medicine, water is infused on them, and consumed orally in powder form as a source of organic calcium and other trace elements.

Coral jewelry is suitable for all zodiac signs, but they have the greatest impact on Pisces, Aries, and Scorpions.

Coral beads are used to create jewelry (beads, brooches, earrings, rings, bracelets), as well as to decorate clothes. In particular, natural coral beads, an integral element of the Ukrainian folk costume, as well as ethnic clothing of the peoples of other countries.

A wide range of coral beads

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