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Variety of Czech glass beads

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country. There are a lot of architectural monuments, beautiful women and beautiful parks here. Residents of the country are very fond of jewelry. Here in the town of Yablonets in the 18th century, the traditions of Venetian glass blowers for the production of beads were continued.

Types of Czech glass beads

Today, there are a large number of different beads on the market that are well suited for creating jewelry. They differ in different shapes, colors and are of very high quality.

RainbowGemBeads online store offers the following types of beads for creating jewelry:

faceted czech glsaa beads;
glass pressed round czech beads;
czech beads-droplets;
czech leaf beads.
Czech glass beads have high quality, wear resistance and do not lose their appearance even after time has passed.
How to make beads and a bracelet from Czech glass

In order to make magnificent, pleasing-to-the-eye, czech glass beads with your own hands, you need to purchase Czech glass beads, drops of chandelier green color and leaf czech glass beads. Stringing three droplet bead on the fishing line, intersperse them with a leaf.

Short czech glass beads will look charming on a long swan neck, whereas women of a larger complexion are better suited to long Czech glass beads in several rows. You can complement with a bracelet made in a similar technique.

Skinny wrists will be decorated with one thread on an elastic band, while owners of full handles are better off making a three- or five-row bracelet. This color scheme will be perfectly combined with white, beige, green and brown dresses, blouses or sweaters. Such a set of jewelry can be worn both in everyday life, for example, at work, and on special occasions (going out to a restaurant, a friend's wedding, a festive event).

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Get real pleasure from creating jewelry with your own hands!