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The stone of natural fluorite beads is not just called such a fancy and refined word. This mineral has an extremely unusual color! Transparent as a tear, the crystals are painted in a light emerald and at the same time in a soft lilac palette. Such an unusual combination of shades in nature is extremely rare. For this quality, the mineral received a romantic and sonorous name, which comes from the Latin word fluor — "current". For the emerald notes in the color scheme in different countries, fluorite beads were called "Transvaal emerald", "South African emerald", etc.
The transparent and semi-transparent fluorite beads for sale have an excellent glass luster. The purity and freshness of the stone palette resemble a mint candy-it is so attractive and"delicious"! In addition to emerald-lilac, there are colorless fluorite beads for sale, as well as blue, white, gray, pink, crimson, purple, yellow, orange, and even dark purple, turning into black.
Such unevenness of color is found in the natural fluorite beads breed almost everywhere. It is difficult to find another natural mineral that would be distinguished by such a wide variety of colors! fluorite beads are different color intensities, all kinds of stripes, and spots of different configurations.