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Where to buy jewelry and hematite bead bracelet at the best price?

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Hematite for jewelry is available in the following forms: ball, rectangle, oblong,
The diameter of the stones can offer the following: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Properties of women's and men's hematite bead bracelet

It is a very popular stone. It has long been used for blood diseases, wounds, fractures and injuries.
In the modern world of constant nervous tension, many people are subject to vegetative-vascular dystonia. Natural hematite stabilizes blood pressure and normalizes metabolism in tissues, alleviating its symptoms.
Hematite is a powerful talisman and a magical amulet. The stone protects against the negative effects of dark forces, evil eyes, and spoilage. It rewards its owner with insight and a philosophical approach to life.

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Properties of a hematite bead bracelet
Hematite: properties of Shambhala hematite bead bracelet.
Shambhala magnetic bracelets carry a huge charge of energy. People have long believed that magnetized hematite can improve not only the physical condition of the body, but also restore mental balance. Hematite stone enhances the energy of its owner, helps to achieve the desired, to emerge victorious from any situation.
If you buy a magnetic hematite bead bracelet, it equalizes pressure, cleanses the body, increases immunity.
Hematite beads are present on almost all Shambhala bracelets - they enhance and direct the energy of the main stone.