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The main element of howlite beads is borosilicate. In modern lithotherapy, there are recommendations for pregnant women: howlite beads will help to replenish the balance in the body, as well as strengthen the immune and increase natural protection against stress.
The mineral procedures are aimed at improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system the walls of blood vessels, as well as restoring injured joints.
howlite beads hold heat well, during massage to warm up the client before direct therapeutic manipulations.
Magic properties of howlite beads
Although howlite beads were officially described only at the end of the XIX century, the mineral has been known since ancient times. It was often used as a helper during rituals, believing that howlite beads have a soul, like a living being. Because of this, the choice of a talisman was and long task, since it was important to choose a product that was close in energy to the future owner.