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Properties and features of jade

Jade beads is very warm and pleasant to the touch. Despite the fact that it seems soft and velvety in the hands, this stone has very high hardness and strength. It polishes well, acquiring a special characteristic shine after processing.

Natural Jade beads is the sacred stone of China. In ancient times, it was valued in this country above gold, was surrounded by great respect and reverence. It is believed that jewelry made of natural jade beads can protect its owner from the negative influence of otherworldly forces, give a long life and well-being in the family. This semiprecious stone is credited with healing properties, especially in the treatment of kidney diseases. It is most suitable for people born under the sign of Virgo and Libra. As a talisman, such an ornament should be worn by scientists and warriors.

Jade beads for jewelry making are used to make all kinds (bracelets), as well as household items, religious cults, figurines, chess, etc.

Large assortment of jade beads for jewelry making

In the online store you can buy different jade crystal beads for bracelets. We offer a wide selection of:

appearance (synthetic and natural)
shade (white, blue-blue, black-gray, orange-yellow, red-pink, mix, etc.);
size (from 2 to 19 mm);
the diameter of the hole (up to 1 mm - 1.9 mm).

All beads have a round shape. Our online store also presents unusual jade beads for sale in "caps" made of rock crystal. You can buy them in packs of 2 pieces. Such jade crystal beads will become an original decoration of your product.

In the jade bead for sales at an affordable price. We deliver throughout World.

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