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Also on our website you can buy beads made of Moonstone, a translucent mineral with several color shades - milky, light gray, blue, pale pink, purple, brown.

Lapis lazuli is an extraordinarily beautiful semi-precious stone of a rich blue color. In the East it is called the stone of the sky. Depending on the impurities, individual instances of the gem acquire different shades. In ancient writings, one can find comparisons of a stone with the sky at different times of the day – at dawn, at hot noon or on a starry night. You can buy aaa lapis lazuli beads on our website.


The gem refers to ornamental stones. The mineral is dense, most often found with inclusions of feldspar, pyrite and calcium. Instances with uniform color are very rare. The price of lapis lazuli beads directly depends on the quantity and quality of inclusions, which determine its shades and cost.

The Afghan gem is valued above all. The stone from the Badakhshan deposit has three varieties:

Niili is the most expensive stone of a rich blue color. The structure is either uniform or with veins of pyrite that look like gold.

Astani is most often compared to the summer sky. The color can vary from pale blue to light blue.

Sufsi - has inclusions of green color, the main shade can also be the color of the sea wave.


In addition to its extraordinary beauty, lapis lazuli beads for sale has healing and magical properties. According to lithotherapists, the gem helps to fight such ailments as:

Poor eyesight. To improve the condition of the eyes, folk healers recommend buying genuine lapis lazuli and looking at it for 5 minutes several times a day. It is better if it is a handful of small aaa lapis beads.
Intense hair loss in women. Wearing earrings with a gem will help here.
Hypertension, neurosis, sleep disorders. AAA Lapis lazuli beads for sale will help solve this problem.
Abrasions, cuts, bruises. genuine Lapis lazuli beads for sale accelerates healing.
Asthma. A Natural lapis lazuli beads will help reduce the frequency of suffocation attacks and ease the condition at the time of their onset.

It is also believed that wearing gemstone beads while waiting for a baby will help a pregnant woman to carry the fetus more easily and protect against premature birth.

Talismans made of heavenly stone are very popular in magic. It is worth buying genuine lapis lazuli beads for those who are afraid of the evil eye, they help impulsive natures become calmer. For creative personalities, the stone serves as a muse. A silver ring or a ring with a gem gives its owner wisdom, helps to make the right decisions. Jewelry made of natural lapis lazuli beads, set in gold, attracts love and luck.

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