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Our ancestors attributed many mysterious and magical properties to magnetic hematite.
Hematite is a symbol of courage and wisdom.
Since ancient times, it has been believed that it gives strength and invulnerability in battle, and contributes to the preservation of optimism, courage, and will.
Magnetic Hematite beads are a talisman for men, especially for warriors. In ancient times, pieces of hematite were sewn into clothes, hung around the neck, or hidden in shoes. A protective plot was made on this stone for the one leaving for the war so that he would help return home alive and well.
Roman legionaries, going on conquering campaigns, as amulet, necessarily took with them a product made of hematite, most often it was a figurine of a household god.
In Russia, there was a belief that if you hang a piece of hematite over the cradle, then the child will rarely fall and bruise to the point of blood.
Magnetic Hematite beads improve energy and strengthens the physical and etheric bodies. It is believed that it relieves its owner from bouts of anger and rash actions, and gives a sense of confidence and security. This stone helps to accumulate and use energy the way the owner wants it. Hematite allows a person to influence other people with his aura. Magnetic hematite beads for men is able to improve attention and memory, and strengthen willpower and attractiveness. Magnetic hematite beads for women helps to establish friendly and loving relationships.
In ancient times, magnetic hematite beads was valued as the strongest magical amulet. In Europe, he was considered a talisman of warlocks, who drew them symbolic signs imagic circles capable of defeating evil spirits and protecting them from attacks from outer space.
In ancient Egypt, the priestesses of the goddess Isis wore jewelry made of hematite to protect themselves and the goddess from dark forces during rituals. As a magical talisman, it was revered in ancient Greece.
In the Middle Ages, Magnetic hematite beads was an indispensable attribute of magicians, sorcerers and alchemists. With its help, they protected themselves from evil spirits, summoned the spirits of the elements, communicated with the souls of the dead.