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Libra of the first decade is under the protection of Venus, these people tend to beauty, art, luxury, comfort. Astrologers advise them to wear jewelry varieties of quartz, lunar oval gemstone beads, diamonds.
Saturn controls the second decade of the zodiac sign Libra according to the horoscope. Those born on the dates from 3 to 13 October should pay attention to the following oval gemstone beads: diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby. They are considered talismans with great magical power. Also, take a closer look at topaz and purple amethyst.
The stones of Libra, according to the date of birth belonging to the third decade, include oval gem ruby, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline. Libra of the third decade - wards of the planet Jupiter.
If you are studying the question of which oval gem is suitable for Libra women, we, based on the opinions of astrologers, can advise the emerald. It is considered the most successful female mascot for Libra according to the horoscope. Green gemstone oval beads help to build a strong family, to preserve the family hearth. It is customary to give a woman jewelry with an emerald for the birth of a baby as a guarantee of a happy life and fate. However, if the girl is not yet married, gemstone oval beads will not show its magical power. Another type of beryl - aquamarine-is also a stone designed to help build a relationship with your spouse based on respect, love and loyalty.