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Mother of pearl is an amazingly beautiful and delicate stone in jewelry, it makes the most exquisite jewelry!

History of origin

The meaning of the word "mother of pearl" comes from the German 'perlmutter', the English 'mother of pearl', the Italian 'madreperla', which in all languages means "mother of pearls". Mother-of-pearl jewelry has been known for more than 7 millennia. At archaeological excavations, necklaces and beads made of mother-of-pearl, with paintings, jewelry inlaid with blue, white, cream mother-of-pearl are found. In the Middle Ages, mother-of-pearl began to be actively used in medicine as an antiseptic. Currently, mother-of-pearl can be found in the composition of many medicines, creams and cosmetics due to the property of effectively strengthening bone tissue.

Mother-of-pearl products began to enjoy the greatest popularity in the age of Enlightenment. They were especially appreciated by the Empress Catherine the Great. Her collection, numbering hundreds of products, was striking in its scale and sophistication: ornaments, table clocks, goblets and snuffboxes, figurines, caskets, carved angels and cupids are still kept at the exhibition in the Hermitage.

Among the magical properties of mother of pearl, the following are noted: the development of intuition, the strengthening of marriage bonds, the improvement of mutual understanding and protection from negative energy.