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In this section of our catalog you will find an assortment of pearl glass beads (imitation). These are beads, the appearance of which imitates natural pearls. However, the cost of such pearl glass beads is much less. Needlewomen use them to create a wide variety of jewelry – bracelets and necklaces, earrings, as well as interior decor.

Advantages of Pearl Glass Beads

Inexpensive pearl glass beads have always been in good demand, because they add elegance to any product.

Natural pearls are of river and marine origin, they are also classified by quality depending on the thickness and quality of the mother-of-pearl coating. High-quality natural pearls are quite expensive. Therefore, pearl glass beads serve as a good alternative in this situation.

Pearl glass beads are affordable. In addition, they also differ in cost and quality. Pearl beads from Czech and Austrian manufacturers are more expensive, and Chinese ones are cheaper.

The surface of high-quality pearl glass beads is usually smooth, even, the assortment is represented by a variety of colors and shades, which cannot be said about natural pearls, which also come in different colors, but in a not so rich palette.

Pearls are a natural material, therefore, under unfavorable conditions, socks often show instability. There is no such problem with pearl glass beads of good quality: its surface is resistant to perfumes and household chemicals, sweat and scratches.

Pearl glass beads: what are there?

Beads with a diameter of 5-10 millimeters are most often used in the manufacture of jewelry. Pearl glass beads made of artificial pearls, differ in the same size, shape and ability to refract light.

In our catalog you will find pearl glass beads with glossy and matte in different shades of blue, orange, red, pink, green, gold and other colors. The shape of the beads is diverse: spherical, oval, rondels, drops. The diameter of the round beads is 4, 6, 8.10 and 12 mm. In total – more than 240 types of pearl beads for pearls. Therefore, if you need to buy pearl beads, feel free to contact our consultants.