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About jasper

A huge variety of colors, bizarre patterns – all this gave rise to a huge number of mystical legends, many of which, however, were later scientifically confirmed. For example, the ability to resist poisons (which is why the nobility of all times and peoples loved to eat from jasper vessels so much) is due to the presence in the composition of a number of impurities that neutralize the effect of toxins and some common poisons.

A special attitude to Picasso jasper beads has developed in Russia. Together with malachite and rhodonite, it is one of the "big three" of the main domestic gems – symbols of Europe stone-cutting art. The famous Picasso jasper beads cabinet in Tsarskoye Selo is decorated with various shades of the Ural gem. The Hermitage's famous Picasso jasper beads vases are huge, magnificent "stone flowers", the largest of which is the "Queen of Vases" - more than 2 meters high. Considering the five-meter diameter of the vase and weighing about 19 tons, it is installed on a special, reinforced foundation. By the way, the caretakers claim that if you stand next to one of these "stone flowers" at the end of the working day, the accumulated fatigue is removed by hand.

The healing properties of Picasso jasper beads vary depending on its color. So, it is believed that yellow jasper is effective in the treatment of diseases of the liver, stomach and pancreas, green – for food poisoning and lung diseases, red – for anemia and pregnancy, blue – for migraines and all shades, without exception, as a complex immunostimulating and tonic.