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Red jasper beads have one big advantage over other minerals – it is not forged. The fact is that red jasper beads is a very strong mineral and is incredibly difficult to process. In the raw form, red jasper beads looks nondescript. In order for it to play with its iridescent and cheerful polychrome, it is necessary to perform a number of painstaking, time-consuming and highly professional operations. The mineral is very hard, so when buying jewelry from red jasper beads, be sure that they will last you for decades, and the stone will not lose its original shade. red jasper beads do not fade! red jasper beads can't be scratched! To make the surface of the red jasper beads more shiny, it is repeatedly sanded using special grinding equipment and abrasive pastes. Some types are properly soaked before grinding according to special recipes for more convenient processing. As you grind, a fantastically beautiful pattern or pattern appears on the surface of the stone. Cutting is carried out on modern stone-cutting equipment. In general, a whole art on an industrial scale! Therefore, it is unprofitable to forge red jasper beads. Any product is a true example of the unity of natural forces and skillful human labor.