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About rose quartz

Humanity knows a lot of precious stones of all colors and shades: rich red, refreshing green bottomless blue, elegant black, and warm yellow... A lot of stones, each of which has its own unique energy. And there are very few minerals in nature that are soft pink, pure and gentle, like first love. They are so rare that at all times they were valued very highly, regardless of which category of quartz they belonged to – precious or ornamental.

Rose quartz has an amazing, unique shade. Most often it is translucent, but there are also pure, translucent crystals. Highly appreciated in all eras.

The first products rose quartz beads were found at excavations in Mesopotamia dating back to the 7th millennium BC. The love of jewelry from it spread from there to the entire Ancient East: in Egypt, amulets were made of rose quartz beads and added to cosmetics. Later, in ancient Rome, jewelry made of rose quartz beads was highly valued by the wives of noble nobles: it was believed that they prolong the life of beauty, slow down aging, and improved skin color. There was a belief that rose quartz beads were sent to earth by the god of love Eros (Cupid), who wanted to convey love energy, and beauty to people through it. According to another version, however, it was believed that rose quartz beads are nothing but the frozen "juice" of the young Earth. The wearer, according to legend, is able to feel unity with the whole surrounding world and to find a common language with the planet and its inhabitants (animals, plants, stones).