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Properties of Natural Imperial Jasper beads

Class, hardness. Sea sediment Jasper refers to silicates. It has an average strength on the Moss scale – 6.5-7. Therefore, it is used to create various objects of art, interior, mosaics, and not just jewelry.

Colour. There are many heterogeneous shades that depend on the presence of inclusions of chemical elements. The main tone is red, but there is also sea sediment stones with streaks of green or blue minerals.

Form. Several variants are available – smooth and faceted balls, ovals, and cylinders. There are original, small pendants.

Sizes. The imperial jasper beads have dimensions from 4 to 25 mm, which allows you to create large jewelry with their help.

Shine. It depends on the type of grinding, it can be matte, glass, or glossy. The material is always opaque, at the edges of the slices, it may slightly transmit light.

Manufacturing countries. In Russia, the largest deposits of sea sediment beads were discovered in the Southern Urals, Altai, and Crimea. There are mining areas in Germany, the USA, and South Africa.

The scope of the Imperial Jasper beads

The sea sediment jasper beads are perfectly combined with jewelry accessories made of precious metals – silver or gold. It looks good together with other gems, but it is not often found in such a role.