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Brown Crazy Agate Beads, Natural, 2-12mm Round, 15.5'' Strand

Brown Crazy Agate Beads, Natural, 2-12mm Round, 15.5'' Strand

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Product Information

Key Specifications

  • Material: Natural Agate Stone
  • Shape: Round
  • Surface Texture: Smooth
  • Color Palette: Mixture of Yellow, Light Brown, Gray, and Orange
  • Strand Length: Approximately 15.5 inches
  • Hole Diameter: 1-1.5 mm
  • Packaging: Sold per strand
  • Bead Sizes Available: Ranges from 2mm to 14mm

Bead Quantities by Size

  • 4mm: 93-100 beads per strand
  • 6mm: 64-72 beads per strand
  • 8mm: 48-50 beads per strand
  • 10mm: 38-39 beads per strand
  • 12mm: 30-33 beads per strand
  • 14mm: 26-28 beads per strand
  • 16mm: 24-25 beads per strand

Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Brown Crazy Agate is renowned for its grounding and stabilizing properties, making it an essential stone for those seeking balance and harmony in their lives. It is believed to foster emotional healing by bringing attention to unresolved issues and promoting inner peace. The stone’s warm hues are said to enhance creativity and stimulate intellectual pursuits, making it a favorite among artists and students.

Detailed Description

Discover the organic charm of our Brown Crazy Agate beads. These beads capture the true essence of natural beauty with their rich, varied patterns of browns, creams, grays, and occasional flashes of orange. Each bead is polished to a smooth finish, highlighting the unique intricacies of the agate's natural designs.

Available in a versatile range of sizes from 2mm to 12mm, these beads are pre-strung on a 15.5-inch strand, providing jewelers and craft enthusiasts with ample material for various design projects. Whether you're creating rustic bracelets, bohemian necklaces, or custom earrings, these beads offer a solid foundation with their earth-toned colors and natural patterns.

The Brown Crazy Agate beads not only serve as a visually appealing material but also carry significant healing properties that can benefit the wearer, making them a thoughtful and purposeful choice for jewelry that supports well-being and personal growth.


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