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Dragon Bloodstone Beads, Round, 4-12mm, 15.5'' strand

Dragon Bloodstone Beads, Round, 4-12mm, 15.5'' strand

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*Sizes are approximate
Strand Length - 15.5'' Inches

Bead size and Quantity by strand:
4mm (93-100pcs)
6mm (64-72pcs)
8mm (48-50pcs)
10mm (38-39 pcs)
12mm (30-33pcs)
14mm (26-28pcs)
16mm (24-25pcs)

Hole Size: 1-1.5 mm
Sold by the Strand
Shape - Round
Color - Green with dark red and brown includies
Material - Natural dragon bloodstone stone
Surface - Smooth

The Dragon Bloodstone Beads, sized 4-12mm, can add a mysterious touch to your jewelry designs. The round shape and the intense green hue, streaked with red, are truly reminiscent of dragon lore. Dragon Bloodstone is known for its ability to stimulate transformation and resilience, making these beads perfect for crafting pieces that are not only striking but also empowering. Ideal for crafting mystical necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, these beads will help your designs radiate a sense of mystery and transformation.


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