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Hemimorphite comes from the Greek word combinations, which mean "half" and "form". By belonging to the species, the mineral is referred to as zinc silicates. As a rule, the stone is represented by white color, but there are also shades of green, brown, green-blue and gray. In rare cases, banded minerals are found. Crystals hemimorphite unusual in nature and represented by two symmetrical axes. One axis is formed by colorless, thin crystals, quite often they grow into amazing aggregates, and the other is a blue-green crystalline mass that resembles prehnite.

Jewelry from crystals of hemimorphite:
In jewelry, hemimorphite in the form of beads is placed in the center of bracelets, beads, earrings, rings, and can be worn as pendants. It is advisable not to subject the stone to additional treatments, but to wear it in its natural form.

The magical properties of crystals of hemimorphite:
The miraculous power of the amulets from hemimorphite beads, pendants, cabochons in their pyroelectric properties. It is believed that the evil spirit in the daytime, in the form of chaos falling on the crystals of hemimorphite, generates pyroelectricity, which increases the energy level of the owner of the stone.
Hemimorphite is used as talismans and amulets. It is believed that the amulet of this mineral protects from evil spirits, bad thoughts. It protects the wearer from the evil eye, corruption, sorcery, and energy vampires. The stone protects the wearer from external aggression and stabilizes his emotional state. Healers and healers from hemimorphite make various amulets and bracelets made of beads, which attract prosperity and wealth to the house and protect it from envious and ill-wishers. The stone for the family is a talisman-a talisman that protects all household members from quarrels, conflicts, emotionally adjusts to a compromise resolution of all quarrels and troubles; the spouses are favored in a quick and constructive overcoming of family crises. Also, people have believed that beads hemimorphic protects the family from fraudsters and thieves. White mineral is widely used in meditation, hypnosis, as it allows you to concentrate on your inner world and go deeper into yourself. Hemimorphite of greenish shades of men in the eyes of a woman makes them more charming and attractive. They give a man courage, determination, and courage.

The healing properties of crystals of hemimorphite:
Medicinal properties have beads from hemimorphite white and blue color. They have a beneficial effect on the human central nervous system, cleanse the body of toxins, relieve physical and mental fatigue, relieve nightmares, and stabilize sleep. Recommended mineral for people suffering from sleep disorders.

Interesting fact:
More than ten years ago, in the South of the Congo, near Brazzaville, deposits of hemimorphite were discovered, which were distinguished by a bright green-blue hue. Some fused crystal particles reached 10-20 kilograms. However, due to the civil war in the Congo, the extraction of hemimorphite is suspended.
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