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Hemimorphite is a valuable zinc ore due to the high concentration of this metal. But in jewelry hemimorphite have found only limited use, as they are relatively soft stones and for this reason difficult to process. Transparent crystals, colorless or slightly colored, are subjected to simple types of cutting, and collectible items are made from them. Hemimorphite different colors cut EN cabochon or beads.
Talismans, amulets, bracelets, pendants made of beads, cabochons made of hemimorphite have found a very wide application. It is believed that they protect from evil forces and bad thoughts, protect their owner from the evil eye, damage, sorcery, and energy vampirism. Also, hemimorphite serves as a defender against external aggressions and normalizes the emotional state of the owner.

Products made of this stone attract wealth

Prosperity and reliably protect against envy and ill-will of others. In the family, the hemimorphite becomes a talisman that protects from disputes, conflict situations, sets up the household for a peaceful solution to various troubles, it helps a favorable and quick, constructive overcoming of crises. It is believed that hemimorphite is also a defender of deceivers and robbers.