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Tatsiana (Owner)

            Hello everyone!

The first thing I want to say about myself:    I'm a beadaholic... =)

This is not my own expression. I read it on a famous Etsy trading platform when I was just beginning to understand the stones. And this word has sunk into my soul because I really depend on these beautiful stones!

I was amazed and in love when I first took them in my hands. And then there was no stopping me. Since 2017, I started buying up all the stones that I saw, I have collected a decent collection and when my house was not enough, I came up with the idea to sell stones to those who can make masterpieces out of them, bracelets, jewelry and much more. I also make bracelets for all my friends and family =) This is my life, my love, my everything!

I love it when my customers admire not only the stones but also remain satisfied with the work of my store. So I will be very happy if you write me your question or just come in for a chat ;)


Thank you for your interest in me and my store =)

 My store is on the most beautiful platform for creative people in Etsy