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I want to tell you a little about a mysterious stone with an amazing inner blue glow =)
Faceted labradorite
  • Labradorite stone-properties

The labradorite was named after the Canadian peninsula of Labrador. There are several other names of the gem and its subtypes: larvikite, spectrolite, Caryatid, bullseye.

The formation of labradorite occurs in the process of volcanic activity, in the magmatic depths. The appearance of the mineral is associated with the solidification of magma residing in the layers of the earth's crust, so gemstone is considered as an intrusive rock. Size of the extracted samples can reach 10 cm.

Color range of the semiprecious gemstone is very striking, from a gloomy gray to almost black. Sometimes — light gray, brownish specimens. When turning crystals, bright highlights of blue, yellow, green, gold, red appear at different angles, which sparkle amazingly on the main dark background. It is these glimpses on the dark background of the stone that look extremely impressive, give stone an incomparable charm. The surface of the gem has an original texture and a glass or matte gloss.
Labradorite is a fairly strong, wear-resistant rock.

  • Beads (matte, faceted, frost, smooth) of various shapes cabochons, sticks, pendants, sticks are made of semiprecious stone labradorite.
  • The entire range of beads made of this stone can be found here
Smooth labradorite beads     
  • Labradorite stone medicinal properties.
Natural labradorite is credited with a restorative effect on all parts of the body. Labradorite beads are used in beading, jewelry making, which simplifies the use of the healing properties. The stone is able to create a healing effect even on chronic diseases. Some healers believe that bracelets, necklaces made of labradorite relieve pain, inflammation of the affected joints and spine. The impact of mineral stone is most clearly reflected in the emotional state of the psyche. Wearing it reduces stress levels, then eases the effects afterward. The gem has a calming effect on excessive arousal, stabilizes the jumps of a short temper, asthenia, removes depression, restores nervous exhaustion. The use of the mineral improves mood, gives a feeling of joy, the fullness of life. Labradorite has a very useful effect on memory. The mineral, located near the bed, eliminates night alarms, tremors, insomnia, and nightmares.

  • Labradorite stone has magical properties.

The mystical power of the labradorite gives you the opportunity to achieve what seemed previously unattainable. The stone is the source of the awakening of the hidden, untapped talent. It helps to exercise and develop their dormant skills, particularly when it is necessary. In addition to revealing latent, internal capabilities, the mineral attracts new, previously unavailable skills. Esotericists consider labradorite to be an amplifier of the gift of foresight, esoteric abilities. The gem is often used for meditation, due to its ability to expand consciousness, feed it with energy. In addition, the use of labradorite protects against unwanted energy leaks, strengthens spiritual power.

It is an invaluable assistant to searching, thinking people who are inclined to plan future actions and analyze the past, making the necessary conclusions. The gem significantly increases intuition, triggers the mechanism of assessing the circumstances and making the right decisions. Promotes the correct understanding of messages coming from the subconscious. It is thanks to this that the stone banishes doubts, fears, uncertainty, before and at the time of the action. Also, the use of the mineral helps to cope with old, depressing memories, disappointments, and emotional garbage.

Labradorite beads (smooth, matte, faceted) is an excellent amulet, protecting the whole house and all its inhabitants. It reliably blocks the attacks of dark forces and streams of destructive energy of any origin. To get the maximum magical return, keep it in an open place, preferably in the middle of the room.

Larvikite smooth labradorite beads


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