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Magical properties of labradorite
Since ancient times, the stone has been known for its healing and magical properties. And bu Gem patronizes all creative people who need to discover their inner potential and talent.

Labradorite is a talisman for people with supernatural abilities. Astrologers believe that it is able to attract black magic and dark forces, helps to contact otherworldly forces, to gets in touch with the spirits of the lower world. The mineral is often used in various magical and mystical rituals. Labradorite is a guide stone. Dark magicians with its help are able to penetrate into someone else's consciousness and thoughts.

Owners of jewelry with labradorite, after a while, notice that their life is filled with positive emotions, new plans, thoughts, and ideas.

Legends say that the labrador is a gift to earthlings from the Hyperboreans, who gave the gem special magical properties. The stone helps to forget painful memories, helps to find your place in this world, find a true purpose, calms and expels internal demons, reveals internal abilities, including psychic ones.

The gem is endowed with special properties: to heal from depression, stress, nervous breakdown. Labradorite directs negative thoughts and makes a person rethink his life, acquire new knowledge, and get rid of the oppression of the past.