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For jewelry made of 3mm gemstone beads, it is recommended to use a jewelry rope-a base that can withstand a solid weight, cutting edges (beads made of hard stones have a sharp edge of the hole), intense friction, etc. In the weaves of 3mm gemstone beads, voluminous and flat cords made of natural materials are perfectly complemented. Synthetics are also possible, but preference is given to the one that has a natural look. The frank tinsel next to the gems is puzzling. Embroidery of 3mm faceted gemstone beads is acceptable only on stress-resistant bases, such as hard felt or dense leather. As a fastening base, preference should be given to reinforced thread, specially designed for maximum loads.

When choosing a suitable adhesive for applications, you should focus on the fact that it does not leave traces on the surface of the 3mm faceted gemstone and does not enter into an undesirable reaction with its chemical composition. And, of course, suitable accessories for jewelry. In jewelry and accessories, you can not do without it. The color of pins, fasteners, carabiners, bailes, frames will have to be carefully coordinated with the color and texture of the 3mm matte gemstone. So there is every reason to look closely at the related materials at the same time as the 3mm matte gemstone.