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Such jewelry as necklaces and necklaces complete the female image, making it more elegant, refined, and refined. Jewelry can be combined with other products - earrings, rings, or bracelets, or used as the only decoration in the image. With a necklace or necklace, the female image takes on more refined forms, so the choice of costume jewelry should be taken with full responsibility. In order for the decoration to emphasize the feminine beauty and sense of taste of its owner, when choosing jewelry, the size and length of the product should be taken into account, as well as the style in which it is made.

Necklaces and necklaces: the main differences in costume jewelry

Before you buy beautiful and stylish neck jewelry, you should consider the main differences between a necklace and a necklace. The first jewelry began to be worn by French women, and translated from French, "necklace" means "worn around the neck." The decoration means a long chain of complex construction with a decorated central part. Most often, necklaces are made of several materials of different shapes and configurations. Such jewelry can be worn over clothes.

The necklace is of Old Slavic origin and means "throat". A distinctive feature of the necklace is the short length of the jewelry. Costume jewelry is worn around the throat, so the product rarely reaches the neckline. A striking example of a necklace is a bead harness. Unlike a necklace, the product has an uncomplicated shape and is decorated with decorative elements of the same shape. The necklace is worn on a bare neck, without covering it with clothes.

Features of the choice of costume jewelry

The online store RainbowGemBeads presents a large range of beautiful and fashionable jewelry for women. When choosing a necklace and necklaces, we recommend paying attention to the following main points:

The length of the product. If you have a short neck and you want to visually lengthen it, then choose jewelry on a long chain; owners of a long neck can safely wear short jewelry; jewelry with large stones will look elegant on a thin neck; if you have a wide neck, then give preference to necklaces and necklaces with small stones; girls with a beautiful face in the shape of an oblong oval, a collar necklace or costume jewelry in the shape of a collar will do; elongated products will suit round-faced girls, but owners of a rectangular face shape should choose an invisible necklace on a thin fishing line.
Neckline (neckline length). The main rule of costume jewelry is that the decoration should end above the edge of the neckline. A massive elongated necklace made of beads and beads is worn only over clothes; a large necklace and a necklace with oval-shaped pendants go well with a deep neckline; a necklace with large stones looks beautiful with a strapless evening dress, but small jewelry in the style of minimalism goes well with a business blouse and an open collar, also the image of a business lady can be complement with a pearl necklace.
Age. You can emphasize your youth and beauty with a light, discreet necklace; but older women will suit products with large elements - a bright and voluminous necklace or necklace.
Skin color. Jewelry decorated with dark-colored stones will suit owners of a warm skin tone, but for women with an aristocratic white face tone - necklaces and necklaces with light stones.
By choosing jewelry in the online store RainbowGemBeads, you get high-quality jewelry at a reasonable price. Beautiful necklaces and necklaces made of beads, beads, pearls, amber, natural stones, coins, crystal, and even rhinestones are on sale. Detailed information about jewelry, as well as user feedback from our customers can be found in the product card.